CIG’s Global Automation and Robotics Network

CIG’s in-house Automation and Robotics Engineering Team has developed a catalogue of more than 700 process-enhancing tools, machines and robots to support CIG’s sophisticated global manufacturing environments - driving down production costs and increasing product consistency and quality in all facilities.

This consistency and quality has enabled CIG to produce the highest quality products in the market with defect rates that rival OEM products.

State-of-the-Art Technology Centre

CIG’s Technology Centre, located in Illinois, USA is the base of operations for the design, development, and deployment of robotics and machining equipment across all of Clover’s global manufacturing facilities. With these technology capabilities, engineers at the Ottawa technology centre can remotely monitor, program, and troubleshoot Clover’s robotics and automation equipment on a global basis.

  • 15,000 square feet and staffed by 22 electrical and mechanical engineers and specialists
  • 3D component scanning, modelling and animation Development of all circuitry, pneumatic diagrams, and electronic controls for robotic and automation machinery
  • Development of all circuitry, pneumatic diagrams, and electronic controls for robotic and automation machinery
  • DXF direct import of CAD drawings into CNC machining centres equipped with automated tool changers to deliver accuracy and efficiency in the machine assembly process

Advantages of CIG’s Robotics & Automation

  • Increased accuracy, consistency and efficiency
  • Repeatability of high-precision processes
  • Elimination of variability in processes with a dramatic effect on quality
  • Built-in process versatility to support CIG’s nimble manufacturing environment

Total Quality Control

To ensure that our products meet or exceed expectations with each printed page, we subject our cartridges to a process of rigorous quality testing.

This extensive, ongoing battery of tests has been specifically designed to ensure that our cartridges perform as well as or better than the OEM, from the first page printed right to the last.

Every production phase, from once an empty cartridge is collected for remanufacturing to packaging, is overseen by experienced quality assurance auditors who test and analyse performance against established benchmarks. We guarantee 100% post testing of every cartridge before it leaves our facilities.

Testing includes:

  • OEM benchmarking
  • Rigorous component and raw material testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Pre and post-production testing
  • Quality monitoring system to ensure consistent quality and performance

Vertical Integration = Total Quality Control

  • Control Every Aspect
    of Empties Collection
  • Maximise Value of
    Materials Collected
  • Recycle All Usable
  • Engineering +
    Research & Development
  • Retail Expertise
    & Packaging Design
  • Distribution
  • Largest Field
    Sales Organisation
  • In-House
    Issue Resolution

World-Class Manufacturing

Clover Imaging Group’s engineering capability is second to none and our vertically integrated structure ensures we can control all the critical aspects of the remanufacturing process

CIG’s revolutionary manufacturing process starts from the time an OEM cartridge is dropped off to be recycled. Once a cartridge is collected, it then goes through our proprietary production process.

Every production phase, from Split and Clean to Packaging, is overseen by experienced quality assurance auditors who test and analyse performance against established benchmarks. We guarantee 100% post testing of every cartridge before it leaves our facilities

Industry-Leading Toner Remanufacturing

  • 38 patented manufacturing processes
  • Manufacturing over 2 million cartridges a month
  • Lowest defect rate in the industry
  • IP cleared and TAA compliant

IP Guarantee

In recent years, OEMs have begun aggressively defending their intellectual property and patent rights with legal action. It’s
now more important than ever for customers to do their due diligence when selecting a remanufacturing partner.

Clover Imaging Group has proactively taken many steps and made sizeable infrastructure investments to guarantee that both CIG and our customers are protected from potential litigation. We have built an entire R&D and Engineering team dedicated to ensuring that OEM patents are not infringed upon and that every product we remanufacture is IP-cleared. In fact, we are so confident in the integrity of our products that resellers who sell our products are fully indemnified against any OEM litigation.

Don’t take a gamble with your reputation and customers’ trust, partner with Clover Imaging Group, the manufacturer you can trust.

Clover Imaging Group’s Promise to Our Customers:

  • We respect OEM patents and rights ensuring every product is IP-cleared
  • Resellers are fully indemnified against OEM


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